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Shattered Souls Book Trailer

December 18, 2016

I’m thrilled with the new trailer for the Souls Series – Shattered Souls and Fragile Spirits. Check it out!



What Is Taking So Long?

September 24, 2012

I’ve been getting emails and comments/messages on networking sites asking why it takes two years for SHATTERED SOULS 2 to reach release. That’s a great question. It should not take two years to write this kind of book (Commercial fiction, specifically, the second book set in a world with rules I’ve already researched and defined in the first). Some genres require much more time, like research-heavy projects including non-fiction, which can take years, even decades.

So why 2014? I write young adult novels for Penguin and they bought a different project from me before they purchased Souls 2. Because of the order of the contracts, ASHES ON THE WAVES was due before SOULS 2.

I also write adult paranormal novels under a different name and have a total of 6 books under contract. I write at least two books a year, and hopefully that productivity will show up in 2014 and the future. I have more than one book per year slated in 2014 and 2015.

I wish SOULS 2 had been in the works earlier, but sometimes things just don’t work out in the straightest line. I’m so grateful for the folks who have expressed excitement over both ASHES and SOULS 2. I can’t wait until they hit the shelves!


Shattered Souls Setting: The Great Storm of 1900 and Hurricane Ike

July 22, 2012
I set Shattered Souls on the Texas Gulf Coast because it’s my home and I think it’s a unique place with fascinating history. I needed ghosts for my story, and part of the plot centers around The Great Storm of 1900. Somewhere between eight and ten thousand people died in that storm. Plenty of ghosts!
Galveston Island
The research was a blast. I took the kids to Galveston Island and we explored. After visiting a museum dedicated to the Storm, we found the perfect cemetery, hotel, and restaurant for the story.
Above is my 4 foot-tall daughter near a mausoleum at Old City Cemetery. When this mausoleum was constructed in 1888, the door would have been at least 6 feet tall.  It’s under 4 feet tall today, because the level of the entire island was raised after the Storm of 1900 in an effort to prevent another deadly flood. I found this so interesting, I used it in Shattered Souls in the scene when Alden and Lenzi meet for the first time.
Hurricane Ike
First-hand familiarity with my century old story-world came roaring into my life while I was revising it for the first time. Hurricane Ike slammed into the Gulf Coast. Ike was similar in intensity to the Storm of 1900. Fortunately, we now have radar, satellites, internet, radio and television to warn us that entire communities may be swept away. No such system existed in 1900.
The effect of Hurricane Ike was similar to the Storm of 1900, but the death rate was negligible thanks to modern technology. I’ve been through several hurricanes in my lifetime, but this one made the others look, feel, sound, and smell like babies in comparison. It was terrifying. I can only imagine what it was like for people a century ago who didn’t have days to prepare like I did.
Picture time!
It shocked me how similar the pictures of the devastation are. I got to witness first-hand my story-world from a century ago.  I have a few examples of then and now:
Surveying the damage on wheels: Storm of 1900 and Hurricane Ike:
Sorting through the debris then and now:
The power of nature that my characters experienced in their past-lives was terrifying first hand. Fortunately, I was up in Houston when Ike hit and not in Galveston.
Below is where one of the buildings in the first draft of Shattered Souls used to stand. Murdoch’s Bath House was rebuilt after the Storm of 1900 and was lost again during Hurricane Ike. The pilings were all that remained when I drove down after Ike. At the time, it has not been rebuilt, and so I had to remove it from the later drafts.
The statue below was built as a tribute to the estimated 10,000 people who died during the Great Storm of 1900. The seawall under the statue is 17 feet tall. In the second picture, check out the storm surge hours before Hurricane Ike hit.

German Cover for Shattered Souls: Seelenflüstern

June 14, 2012

Shattered Souls will be released in German by Thienemann/Planet Girl in August 2012!

Here’s the cover of Seelenflüstern (I’m told the title means Soul Whispers. I love it!):


I’m thrilled they used the Penguin cover. It is so beautiful and fits the book perfectly since the main character’s past life name was Rose.


Book 2 in the Shattered Souls Series Announced!

March 19, 2012

I’m thrilled to share that there will be a second book set in the world of the Intercessor Council. While Alden and Lenzi will be central to the plot, it will follow the journey of a different Speaker/Protector pair. 

Below is the announcement from Publishers Weekly: 



Shattered Souls Giveaway

July 26, 2011

You can win a signed Advance Reader Copy of Shattered Souls over on Goodreads! If you are not familiar with Goodreads, it’s an information and networking site for readers and authors. Go check it out. Membership is free. The giveaway runs until the end of August.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

Shattered Souls

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Giveaway ends August 31, 2011.

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Shattered Souls Cover!

January 14, 2011

Penguin gave me the go ahead to show off my cover for Shattered Souls. I love it!