One would think…

One would think that since it’s summer and the usual grind of driving kids around and making school meetings were no longer an issue, I’d find it easier to focus. Well, one would be wrong.

Last summer, I was immensely productive and found it easier to focus at this time of year. For some reason, I’m struggling. Perhaps it is because my kids are older and the demands are different. I suspect, though, that it is a shift in priorities and not a lack of focus on my part. Maybe it’s the mother in me clinging to the last summer before my oldest goes to college and my youngest goes to boarding school.

Whatever the case, I feel like a ping-pong ball bouncing from one crisis to another. It’s time to buckle down and finish these three books I have in various stages of completion. Time to re-center and put those author blinders back on–even if it’s only for a few hours a day.

Anyone else having summer slump focus issues?

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4 Comments on “One would think…”

  1. domynoe Says:

    I would have thought this summer would be a good one for me too–no moving, less kids at home, in a better and less distracting place financially–but no, I’m all over the place, and it’s driving me nuts.

    • Mary Lindsey Says:

      ❤ We're in this together. Glad it's not just me.

      • domynoe Says:

        I keep telling myself it’s probably a good thing I’m not published yet because meeting deadlines would be next to impossible in my current state. Then I think, but how are you going to get published if you don’t get your act together? The things we tie ourselves up over. *shakes head*

        I know some of my crazy is because we’re just starting up a cupcake business (not selling yet, mostly testing out recipes, but that means I still have to take time out to bake, put together the recipes, etc), and I’m not done with the editing I do for a small press, so the two things together take a huge chunk of time. I’m aiming to reduce my load at the small press, but I’ve got to finish what I already have first, and that’s going to take a few.

        Next year will be better? lol

  2. tribalfaerie Says:

    Absolutely, I have the same problem. Usually have a word count goal each day, but I have been making excuses as to why I have not reached it. Eventually I just feel guilty about not getting enough done, and that leads to me sitting my butt down to write. I need to develop a routine for writing like I used to have.

    It was nice meeting you by the way. I was at your book signing at the Blue Willow. I was the weird little redhead that dropped by. 😉
    It was great to hear about how you gained inspiration for your book through Poe’s writing and how your daughter helped you develop the plot.

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