The Shattered Souls Blog Tour Schedule

This blog tour was organized and run by The{Teen}Book Scene.

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey
August 15 – December 16
With a live chat on December 15


Monday, August 15:
Nafiza at Bibliophilic Monologues (Author Interview)

Tuesday, August 16: 
Christine at WatchYA Reading (Tens List)
Kari at A Good Addiction  (Review)

Wednesday, August 17: 
Rie at Mission to Read (Where I Write)

Thursday, August 18: 
Cyndi M at Dog Eared and Bookmarked (Author Interview)
Cindy at Books Complete Me (Review)

Friday, August 19: 
Megan at A Trail of Books Left Behind (Author Book Picks)

Monday, August 22: 
Alisia at Alisia Leavitt (Author Interview)

Tuesday, August 23: 
Amber M at Down the Rabbit Hole (Guest Post: Ghost Movies)
Rachel at Fiktshun(Review)

Wednesday, August 24: 
Nicole at Word for Teens (Multicharacter Interview)

Thursday, August 25: 
Amber S at Me, My Shelf and I (Author Interview including fun story)
Jessi at The Elliott Review (Review)

Friday, August 26: 
Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight (Guest Post-what makes a strong heroine)

Tuesday, September 6:
Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (Review)

Thursday, September 8:
Stacy at Girls in the Stacks (Review)

Monday, September 12: 
Melissa W at Mel’s Books and Info (Character Interview: Zak)
Jessica T at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile (Review)

Tuesday, September 13: 
Julie C at That’s Swell (Tens List)

Wednesday, September 14: 
Patricia at Patricia’s Particularity (Video: Character Names)
Kelsey at The Book Scout (Review)

Thursday, September 15: 
Cynthia A at A Blog About Nothing (Character Book Picks: Lenzi)

Friday, September 16: 
Bonnie at A Backwards Story (Author Interview)
Christie at The Fiction Enthusiast (Review)

Monday, September 19: 
Damaris at Good Choice Reading (Character Interview: Alden)

Tuesday, September 20: 
Mandy B at The Well-Read Wife (Tens List)
Britta at I Like These Books (Review)

Wednesday, September 21: 
Jennifer L at Larkin’s Book Bloggers (Character names: Lenzi)

Thursday, September 22: 
Harmony at Harmony’s Radiant Reads (Character Book Picks: Zak)
Bailey at IB Book Blogging (Review)

Friday, September 23: 
Amanda T at Diary of A Book Addict (Author This or That List)

Monday, September 26: 
Jenny at Supernatural Snark (Character Interview: Lenzi)
Julia at Rex Robot Reviews (Review)

Tuesday, September 27: 
T B at Literary Cravings (Guest Post: Writing First Versus Third Person)

Wednesday, September 28: 
Zoe at In The Next Room (Character names: Maddi and Race)
Jessica E at Confessions of a Total Bookaholic (Review)

Thursday, September 29: 
Mariah at A Reader’s Adventure (Character Book Picks: Alden)

Friday, September 30: 
Casey at The Bookish Type (Guest Post: Worst Writing Mishap)
Melina at Reading Vacation (Review)

Tuesday, October 4:
Stacy M at Urban Fantasy Investigations (Review)

Thursday, October 6: 
Page E at One Book At A Time (Review)

Monday, October 10: 
Rachel at Fiktshun (Author Interview)
Heidi Z at YA Bibliophile (Review)

Tuesday, October 11: 
Danna at Friendly Reader (Tens List)

Wednesday, October 12: 
Precious at Fragments of Life (When I’m Not Writing)
Jen L at The Secret Life of a Bibliophile (Review)

Thursday, October 13: 
Allison at The Allure of Books (This or That List: Lenzi)

Friday, October 14: 
Alyssa at Teens Read and Write (Author Interview)
Lauren R at Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf (Review)

Tuesday, October 18: 
Kira at Mrs. Boswell’s Book Bag (Review)

Thursday, October 20: 
Cyndi M at Dog Eared and Bookmarked (Review)

Monday, October 24: 
Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (Guest Post: Revision Letter Manifesto)

Tuesday, October 25: 
Jennifer H at Late Bloomer Online (Ghosts Feature)
Crystal at My Reading Room (Review)

Wednesday, October 26: 
Jenn W at Books at Midnight (Playlist with Book Quotes)

Thursday, October 27: 
Michelle B at Hooked to Books (Author Interview w/ Book Line Answers)
Bonnie at A Backwards Story (Review)

Friday, October 28: 
Anne L at Creativity’s Corner (Roaches, Fishes and more!)

Tuesday, November 1:
Andye at Reading Teen (Review)

Thursday, November 3: 
Liz at Consumed by Books (Review)

Tuesday, November 8: 
Amber M at Down the Rabbit Hole (Review)

Thursday, November 10: 
Allison at The Allure of Books (Review)

Monday, November 14: 
Jenny C at Mimosa Stimulus (Tens List)
Alyssa at Teens Read and Write (Review)

Tuesday, November 15: 
Keyona at Only Sexy Books Allowed (Guest Post + Giveaway: Beeyaaa)

Wednesday, November 16: 
Emilie at Emilie’s Book World (Setting Video 1)
Alison at Alison Can Read (Review)

Thursday, November 17: 
Jennifer L at Larkin’s Book Bloggers (Tens List)

Friday, November 18: 
Heidi Z at YA Bibliophile (Character Interview: Race)
Alisia at Alisia Leavitt (Review)

Monday, November 21:
Jen L at The Secret Life of a Bibliophile (Author Interview)
Jennifer H at Late Bloomer Online (Review)

Tuesday, November 22: 
Crystal at My Reading Room (Character This or That List: Alden)

Wednesday, November 23: 
Page E at One Book At A Time (Setting Video 2)
Damaris at Good Choice Reading (Review)

Thursday, November 24: 
Zoe S at Zoe’s Book Reviews (Thanksgiving Feature)

Friday, November 25: 
Kira at Mrs. Boswell’s Book Bag (Character Interview: Lenzi)
Christine at WatchYA Reading (Review)

Monday, November 28: 
Melina at Reading Vacation (Hannah and Emily’s vid about Mary)
Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight (Review)

Tuesday, November 29: 
Heidi at The Readiacs (Mary In Response to Her Daughters)
Julie C at That’s Swell (Review)

Wednesday, November 30: 
Yani at The Secret Life of an Avid Reader (Setting Video 3)
Mandy B at The Well-Read Wife (Review)

Thursday, December 1: 
Christie at The Fiction Enthusiast (Guest Post: The “Waffling Story”)
Britta at I Like These Books (Character This or That List: Maddi)
T B at Literary Cravings (Review)

Friday, December 2: 
Jessica T at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile (Character Interview: Maddi)
Cindy at Books Complete Me (Agent Interview)
Michelle B at Hooked to Books (Review)

Monday, December 5: 
Jessi at The Elliott Review (Guest Post from Andrea Cremer)
Lauren R at Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf (The Real Smith)
Rie at Mission to Read (Review)

Tuesday, December 6: 
Lili at Chica Reader (Character This or That List: Lenzi)
Corrine at Lost for Words (Guest Post: Writing Method)
Patricia at Patricia’s Particularity (Review)

Wednesday, December 7: 
Tara G at Hobbitsies (Setting Video 4)
Danielle B at Frenzy of Noise (Editorial Interview)
Mariah at A Reader’s Adventure (Review)

Thursday, December 8: FIVE POSTS – SCAVENGER HUNT
Katie at Mundie Moms 
Kari at A Good Addiction 
Jessica E at Confessions of a Total Bookaholic 
Bailey at IB Book Blogging
Andye at Reading Teen
Jenny at Supernatural Snark (Review)

Friday, December 9: 
Amber at Page Turners Blog (Character Interview: Alden)
Stacy M at Urban Fantasy Investigations (Setting Video 5)
Casey at The Bookish Type (Review)

Monday, December 12: 
Trish at YA Bound (Crit Partner Interview)
Myranda at My {Reads} Da (Character This or That List: Race)
Jenny C at Mimosa Stimulus (Review)

Tuesday, December 13: 
Madison at Locket Stories (Character This or That List: Zak)
Kelsey at The Book Scout (Anniebear’s Post)
Yani at The Secret Life of an Avid Reader (Review)

Wednesday, December 14:         
Sara H at Eve’s Fan Garden (Setting Video 6)
Julia at Rex Robot Reviews (Guest Post: Pets and Writing)
Keyona at Only Sexy Books Allowed (Review)

Thursday, December 15:
Stacy at Girls in the Stacks (Video Interview)
Alison at Alison Can Read (Tens List)
Anne L at Creativity’s Corner (Review)
Live Chat at Page Turners Blog

Friday, December 16:
Liz at Consumed by Books (Character Interview: Zak)
Melissa W at Mel’s Books and Info (Review)

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3 Comments on “The Shattered Souls Blog Tour Schedule”

  1. Crazy Cat Says:

    I love you book!!! so much. I wish i could meet a guy like Alden in my life that would link to my soul the way he does with Rose. Will the 2nd book be romantic as the 1st????? 🙂

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