A Weather Report

eeyoreI’m one of the luckiest people I know.  I’ve had a charmed life in many ways.  I’m married to the perfect man for me, have fantastic kids and I work hard to make my life happy and fulfilling.  That’s why when bad things happen, I can trudge on knowing great things wait just beyond the little black rain cloud.  

Writing (or rather the quest for publication) can cause a person to feel like that little black cloud never seems to move along or rain itself out.  So many writers give up because they are sick of getting rained on.  Early on, I realized I’m made of waterproof material and I can weather the storm.  And it appears I have.  

The sun has come out from behind that cloud at last.  Things are looking good.  I’m grateful.

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6 Comments on “A Weather Report”

  1. Eeyore is one of my very favorite characters, but I have to admit I’ve never thought of him as having a positive outlook. I’ll have to put more effort to looking beyond the cloud.

  2. Christine Fonseca Says:

    Your persistence and optimism are wonderful!!! So glad all is going well.

  3. Tina-Sue Says:

    What a wonderful outlook to have! It does help to feel grateful when those dark clouds hang over the writing quest.

  4. Kat Says:

    If you’ve got any leftover wind when you’re done with that storm, could you send it my way? I need some dark clouds moved, too.


    A positive attitude is a terrible thing to waste.

  5. Jaime Theler Says:

    I like to think I’m pretty waterproof, too. And the great thing is if the waterproofing wears thin we can share other writer’s umbrellas (like this post). Thanks for sharing.

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