25 Random Things About Me

I’ve been repeatedly tagged on Facebook with a note called, “25 Random Things About Me.” Someone tags you , and you are supposed to reveal things about yourself.   After spending the time considering the randomness that is Mary, I decided to make the most of this list and post it here too.  I’d love to hear random things about you, so put some fun facts in the comments, friends.  
1. I drive my kids to school in my PJ’s and pray I don’t have a flat or get pulled over.

2. I raise Monarch Butterflies and hatched over 300 last season.

3. I write about ghosts, but have never had a paranormal experience and don’t believe in them.

4. I’m sad about random fact #3.

5. My favorite animal is the Giant Anteater.

6. I call my kids to cuddle by grunting like a walrus (a sort of oooooof oooooooof sound).

7. When I was 13, I got to fly the Goodyear Blimp for 10 minutes, until my mom figured out I was at the wheel and began shrieking.

8. I met my husband on a blind date which I went on because I owed a friend a favor.

9. As evidenced by random fact #8, indebtedness can be good.

10. I have a $750.00 pair of glasses, but prefer my dollar store readers. 

11. I always break in my daughters’ pointe shoes in the kitchen when they get new ones. Yep. I have washed dishes en pointe. Convenient Mom wears the same size shoe, huh?

12. I believe positive energy and optimism makes good things happen.

13. Opera brings me to tears every time, regardless of the opera. (Tears in a good way)

14. I cannot watch the Olympics without crying. Good tears, again.

15. I’m always startled when I look in the mirror because I’m older than I think I am.

16. When I’m writing a rough draft, I get up, shower and put on a clean pair of PJ’s so I’m not tempted to go shopping or leave the house. 

17. I have long hair, not because I think it looks good, but because I’m too lazy and indecisive to cut it off.

18. I have to have silence when I edit and music when I write.

19. Ironing is my least favorite house chore. I HATE it.

20. My kids didn’t think anything was weird when I began almost every sentence with, “In accordance with the prophesy” for an entire day. 

21. My neighbor DID think I was weird when I began almost every sentence with, “In accordance with the prophesy,” for an entire day.

22. I helped work my way through college as a scenic carpenter. I build things–cool things. 

23. I have pet Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Long story–don’t ask.

24. I’m a total technotard and freak out when I’m tagged in things like this on Facebook and have to figure out how to use an unfamiliar application, like Facebook Notes.

25. I love the Lord with all my heart and give thanks to Him for every gift I’ve been given–my amazing husband, children and life. I never expected to live the kind of life I’ve been given. I’m the most blessed woman I know.

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5 Comments on “25 Random Things About Me”

  1. Suzette Saxton Says:

    Your long hair is so beautiful.

    The first time I dared to go out in pajamas, I got stuck in snow and had to dig myself out. Some friends drove by and saw me (of course my hair was a mess.) You’d think I would be cured of my pajama addiction… but now I just wear my husband’s coat, which hangs to my shins. I love tip #16 – the perfect excuse to be pajama-clad all day long!

    Here’s a bit of randomness for you… I met my best friend online and never take off the necklace she mailed to me… and I’ve never seen her face to face but plan to in the near future. 😉

  2. Christine Fonseca Says:

    I love these.

  3. legendoftheprotectors Says:

    Love this.
    I’ve embarrassed my children and gone to the gas station for a gallon of milk at 7am in my bathrobe. I didn’t wear pj’s just the robe.

  4. Hi Mary Lindsey,

    Found #18 most fascinating, #23 the most frightening, and could most relate with #25…

    Life is good!

    Great Randoms!

  5. marylindsey Says:

    Funny, Suz. I met my best friend the same way! 😉

    Oh, my gosh, Legendoftheprotectors! LOL

    Hey Jessica! Good to see you. Don’t worry about those scary roaches. They live in aquariums in a cabinet where I can’t see them. They came to me by way of a school science lab–long story. They have come in useful for kids’ show and tell and Harry Potter parties (care of magical creatures). They eat lettuce and fruit. Still, yeah, ick.

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