Miss Mary’s Read Aloud

uncle-pat1I’m one of five authors on the QueryTracker Blog.  Today, my post was about my favorite editorial tool:  Reading out loud.  

Last week wrapped up a 5-part essay on writing an effective query letter.  A free one-year premium membership is being offered as the prize for the QT Link lottery.  If you are a writer in search of an agent, this is a great prize.  The rules are on the blog.  

I’m having so much fun being an author for the QT Blog.  It’s a great crew of talented, motivated writers. 

Click here to check it out.  

Have a beautiful, productive day, friends.

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3 Comments on “Miss Mary’s Read Aloud”

  1. eBookGuru Says:

    That picture is funny…

  2. legendoftheprotectors Says:

    And if you haven’t read the blog, go do it now! It’s a wonderful tool for writers. Also, as a premium member of Querytracker.net, I can say, the membership is the best! All your querying information in one safe convenient place. You can’t go wrong.
    So go check it all out!

  3. Christine Fonseca Says:

    the QT BLOG is fantastic….(though I am sure you guys know that). OK – Back to work I go

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