One Small Step for Crustacean Kind

0110091339_m_011009_lobster031It brought me joy to read that George,  a 20-pound lobster estimated to be 140 years old, was released into the wild rather than dispatched to lobster heaven.  A New York City restaurant decided to remove George from the menu.  Bravo.  I hope other restaurants learn how much publicity they can receive by letting the “big one” go.  Anything that has made it a century should be revered, not eaten. Sermon over.  

Good luck, George!  


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3 Comments on “One Small Step for Crustacean Kind”

  1. Christine Fonseca Says:

    That is nice…I new lobsters could get REALLY big – just never realized they could be so OLD…WOW!!

  2. I suppose this would be an inappropriate time to reveal my craving for lobster bisque? I’m thinking yes. Well, swim, George – SWIM!

  3. Mary Lindsey Says:

    Yum! Lobster bisque. Just not made from my buddy Georgy, okay?

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