A Site I Love – Editorial Anonymous

If you are a writer and haven’t checked out Editorial Anonymous, you should.  Take a look at the adorable Slush Monster created by Melinda Beavers while you are there.  My favorite is the list of things not to include in a submission down the side of the site:


  • flashlights
  • shoe shine kits
  • dead bugs
  • photos of you
  • photos of you dressed in formalwear
  • photos of you dressed in your Halloween costume
  • photos of you not dressed
  • glitter
  • confetti
  • glitter confetti (I’m serious)
  • dolls, handmade or otherwise
  • dolls, especially not santa dinos
  • tea, coffee, hot chocolate
  • seed packets
  • money
  • dental x-rays
  • farting handpuppets (mini whoopee cushion)
  • woolen stockings full of jellybeans
  • crates of tangerines
  • contraceptives
  • fake contraceptives”

Well, what are you doing reading my boring blog?  Get over to Editorial Anonymous and learn while you laugh.

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2 Comments on “A Site I Love – Editorial Anonymous”

  1. Christine Fonseca Says:

    Too funny…thanks for the link!

  2. I’ve had Editorial Anonymous linked on my blog since the beginning — a very cool blog indeed!

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