Technotard’s Last Stand

I admit it.  I’m technotarded.  I’m better with computer stuff than most folks in my “real life,” but I’m way behind most of my online friends.  The online world is like a different country to me.  I don’t speak the language and I can’t read the friggin’ map.  


I had a minor success today–I conquered a photo slide application on MySpace.  I didn’t even cry while trying to figure it out.  Really, I didn’t.

Check it out.   The technological marvel is a few blocks down on the right side of my MS profile.  

Now, that doesn’t seem like a big thing to you probably, but you must keep in mind that I cry at operas, symphonies, space shuttle launches and I bawl the entire time I watch the Olympics.  Strangely, I don’t cry easily when in a confrontation or when disappointed.  EXCEPT when it comes to technology.  It’s not beautiful to the point it makes my soul hurt like great music; it’s not an expression of man’s greatness like a shuttle launch or the Olympics; it’s just, without a doubt ,the most frustrating thing imaginable to me.  …but I’m gonna win in the end.  I’m gonna kick techno-butt.  I am.  Really.  Yeah.  Go me!


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One Comment on “Technotard’s Last Stand”

  1. Christine Fonseca Says:

    Go Mary – i guess there is hope for all of us technotards!!!

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