Awwww, Thanks!

I love it when I see a pingback to my blog from H.L. Dyer’s site because it is my favorite writer’s blog.  She’s funny, inventive and has more get up and go than anyone I know.  She juggles home life with being a physician on top of her writing career and blogs more in a week than I do in two months.  Perhaps her most impressive ability is her uncanny recall of every lyric from School House Rock–an enviable talent. 

The pingback was the result of Heather bestowing upon my unworthy blog the high honor of the “I Love Your Blog” award.  


This highly coveted honor, which undoubtedly comes with a sizable money award *wink*, was attributed to my posts here and here, which happen to be my favorites too!  

Thanks, Heather.  Now I’ll have to put my mind to whom I will pass on the award.  First place is obvious of course.  


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2 Comments on “Awwww, Thanks!”

  1. Mary Says:

    Hi, Mary! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It would be great to meet another Texas Mary writer 😉 My email is mfechter at gmail dot com.

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