One Country Under God


“One country under God.”  Are we?  I’ve been amazed and disheartened by the level of animosity brought about by this LONG campaign.  What happened to “united we stand”?  

I’m proud of this country.  I’d die for this country.  My father fought in World War II and my grandfather fought in World War I to assure our freedom.  We’ve lost sight of that in this election.  So sad.  

The woman behind me in line to vote this morning was complaining that she had to wait an hour to vote.  Aren’t we blessed to live in a country where we don’t have to fear being killed while waiting in line or retaliation against our family for voting?  

 I’ll believe in in the goodness of the United States no matter who is president.  Think people–its about a lot more than who is going to give us something.  It’s about doing what is right.  

God bless America.

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2 Comments on “One Country Under God”

  1. I agree! I hate standing in line more than almost anything – but there are some things that are worth standing in line for!

  2. Yeah, Mary! Having the right to vote and the freedom to do so, is just part of what makes the United States a great place. The courage and selflessness of our veterans and military need to be respected and applauded. How many times have these brave men and women waited in order to protect our liberty? More than the hour it took to for some folks to wait in line to vote.


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