The End of Quirkiness

I began the QT Blog Chain this last round with a topic designed to bring out the humor and humanity in my writer friends. It worked! The links to the chain gang are listed to the right of this page.

The pen collecting, YA bookstacking Jessica Verday, author of  THE HOLLOW, was the last entry in the chain before it completed a full circle to return to me.

The brilliant Kate Quinn starts the next chain on October 16th.   Go check it out.

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4 Comments on “The End of Quirkiness”

  1. Jessica V Says:

    LOL. Do you think I should put that on my business cards? “Jessica Verday – YA Book Stacker” 🙂

  2. marylindsey Says:

    AB-SO-LUTELY, Jess.

  3. The title of this blog posting sounds so final – “the end of quirkiness.” Knowing this group I think it probably just the beginning! 🙂

  4. a quirky group to be sure!


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