Hearing Voices – Therapy Needed?

8/16/08 Post (Moved from my LiveJournal Blog)

Ah. Another post in the QueryTracker blog chain.

The topic this time is: Where do you get your ideas?

I am an auditory person. My concepts almost always begin with dialogue.

Yep, I hear voices in my head.

I’m sure my fellow blogger, Archetype, will lift an eyebrow at that confession, but I hear chunks of dialogue. You can get me on the analysts couch later, Archy. I’m long overdue.

THE INTERCESSOR (my paranormal YA) began as an argument in my head—a furious disagreement over a physical violation.

I’ve always wished (in moments good and bad) that I could put myself in someone else’s body to see situations from their point of view. That idea turned into dialogue that would result if that could happen against someone’s will. The female protagonist is completely freaks out when another character puts his soul in her body. I began writing the book there, in what turned out to be Chapter 4: Show and Tell. The characters were so fully developed by the end of the argument, I was comfortable writing the beginning of the novel.

I wanted to center the story around a natural disaster, and since I live in Texas, the Great Storm of 1900 came to mind. One of my sweet beta-readers for my first novel had emailed me that she had to read an awful book as required reading for school. I volunteered to read it with her to take the sting out. It turned out to be a magnificent, narrative non-fiction called ISAAC’S STORM. Guess what it was about? Yep—the Great Storm of 1900. Took that as a sign of some kind and went with it.

As far as plot, if fell into place because of a couple of songs. Yes, auditory again. “Fix You,” by Coldplay gave me the idea to have the female protagonist’s life-mate commit to “fixing” her past-life amnesia and self-destructive attitude.

Another song, “Death Already Came and Got Me,” by Rosie Thomas put the other pieces in place. Coming from a broken home and a circle of undesirable, drug-using friends, the female protagonist would be resistant to any positive influence from the male protagonist.

I can’t, I can’t stop crying
Everyday I’m so afraid
Afraid of dying
Death already came and got me
Cause I’m not living…
I’m not living anyway…

And who am I supposed to be?
Everybody seems to see except for me
Who cares anyway…
Cause when it’s over,
It’s all over, and what you gain you throw away.

When will love ever find me?
All my life all I’ve craved is to be seen
Who cares anyway…
Cause when it’s over,
All that matters is the love you gave away.

Throw in a few ghosts, an exorcism or two, and voila!

Yeah, Archetype, I’ll call for an appointment. The voices drive me nuts sometimes.

Wishing everyone a happy week.

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5 Comments on “Hearing Voices – Therapy Needed?”

  1. seeingshadows Says:

    Love the picture! Ha, ha! I feel like that pretty much all the time. And I love your new blog, and your website it awesome. If I ever get an agent, you’ll have to dish on who your webmistress is. Have a great day and a good weekend!

  2. marylindsey Says:

    The picture was fun. Love that mac. I was in one of those moods. Thanks for the sweet words. My webdesigner is glassslipperdesign the link is on my website. She is fabulous and more than reasonably priced.

  3. Oh my gosh the picture is too wonderful! That just totally made my day!

  4. kristalshaff Says:

    I love the pictures included with your blog post.

    Great job!

  5. […] so far, have begun with dialogue in my head. I described this aspect of my process in my post, Hearing Voices-Therapy Needed. Following the dialogue and premise comes the story world […]

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